2 Corinthians 5:17

"If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17

Monday, March 7, 2011

Acting Out...Why?

Acting Out...Why?

Short and stout
Acting Out.
Busy Hands
Is this little man.
His eyes bright and brown
Looking around.
Love searching...
Yet, nothing.
Angry soul,
Nobody knows.
What is wrong?
Singing a sad song.
He still will smile
All the while.
Feeling abused
Brakes the rules.
Does He care
Or aware?
Of his actions...
Shoving love away,
How he behaves.
Yet, inside
Does he hide?
(c) Kay Hinson - 3-7-2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Special Treasure

Special Treasure

A special treasure is well pleasing.
Everyday love is increasing,
With no begging or pleading.

Obedient to the Master's voice
With happy heart and no remorse.
Keeping His covenant is my choice.

Joyful to be called The Master's treasure.
So special, knowing I'm His pleasure,
Because, His love is beyond all measure.

(c) Kay Hinson   3-2-11

Monday, February 28, 2011

Written in Love

Written in Love

I am written in love
Upon my heart strings,
From the Almighty I Am above.
The only wise King!
Not written in ink
But, by God's Spirit,
The most Holy link.
Words of love, I feel it!
Not written on paper or stone
But, on my heart inside.
He didn't write there just for me alone.
It is where we come together and abide.
(c) Kay Hinson
2-28-2011 - 2 Corinthians 3:3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

No room

No Room

Visiting my heart's secret place

Puts a frown on my Lord's face.

Yet, these things I continue to keep,

Because, love longings runs so deep.

Thoughts of knowing I have them

Are not all proper or prim.

Unforgiveness stained from years

While hiding in dark shadows here.

Broken toys loved long-ago,

I still desire to hold and know.

Things treasured have locks and keys,

Where hidden and no one sees.

Then I hear, “These things you adore?

You've no room for Me, The Lord!”

1-1-2011 (c) Kay Hinson

Thursday, December 30, 2010



As I begin to think about a new year, I reflect upon this year.
It has been a painful year physically, and some emotionally as well.
I am glad that My heavenly Father knows what is best and that I've listened
and have tried to follow His guide.  I've questioned Him many times, and I've 
not always received an answer.   Well, not one that I wanted.  He would just say,
"Stay with Me, Kay.  I know the way."  Why?, And He would say,
"Because." Or, He would say, "You'll see."  
He has brought me a year rich in His blessings. Blessings so rich that to write 
it here may be a bit of a difficult thing to do.  
He has taught me what a heart can feel when it lets go of a burden of unforgiveness.
I never dreamed of the joy that was mine just for forgiving someone that wronged me.  
The weight I carried around for most of my life was lifted the very moment I said I forgive.
My heart was healed, and I learned to love.  I don't know that I ever felt so much love.
I began to understand more of God's love.  
Oh, the pain He felt giving us the plan for the Salvation of my very own soul.  I've learned 
to put my pain up against the pain of Jesus' suffering and the cross He bore.  My pain is so
small compared to that.  So, I've learned to say," thank You" for the pain, if it benefits another
soul.  God has used my physical pain for His glory this year.  Back surgery, nerve damage, 
hip recall and waiting for a revision surgery.  I've seen Him open doors to pay the doctors,
hospitals and tests after tests.  I've seen Him open the eyes of doubtful people that said
it wasn't possible to get an appointment.  He has worked in many ways I shall never 
know, but the lives He has touched in working through mine I hope has been all for His glory.
He blessed with beautiful words to write poetry this year,  almost 300 poems to express His
wonders, blessings, miracles, and life experiences while I have been unable to be on the go.
Now, I would not have written any if I had been full of vigor and health.  I know that they 
have been read and people have been touched by many of them.  I prayed over each one
as I have shared them.  Oh, how much I've grown this year.
His Word has been a mainstay in my life more and more every day.  Such a beautiful
story, and love letters written all through the Bible.  
I've learned to talk to Him, about anything, anywhere.  He listens and I have felt His 
presence so close this year.  He is my greatest friend.  
I suppose my life may sound a bit boring, but quite the contrary.  It has been a very good
year.  The purpose and plans He has had for me this year will only be known in years to
come in the lives of many others.  I have enjoyed a faithful relationship with My Lord.  
I have felt the cry of war across the face of the earth, and in homes among my loved ones.
And, I have whole heartily learned to pray for  peace and love behind closed doors here, 
and open warfare across the globe. 
My marriage has always been good, but this year our relationship has blossomed far
above any expectation I've had.  I know that the closer I get to God, the closer I am with my husband. 
I've not done much by my expectations of myself, but in light of heaven's throne maybe I
have.  This time of reflection has shown me a great deal.  God's richness is so different, and I'm so glad.  
Many blessings to you, as you reflect upon this year, and make more room in your
heart for God next year.  - Blessings, love and joy, Kay

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God's Manuscript

God's Manuscript

How great You write Your majesty in the sky!

Purple hues change to skies of orange colored light.

No artist can pen such beauty as You write.

Spread on morning's ground, silent dust of frost lies.

You write Your glory from heaven to the earth.

You've signed the darkness and penned the stars and moon.

Your whisper is in the gentle breeze's tune.

Earth's gem's do not exclaim the first of Your worth.

You've left your signature in creatures you have made.

Golden rays of light are scripted by Your hand.

You're in the ocean's tide written in the sand.

All creation speaks of Your glory and praise.

Your power is written in rocks and mountains.

You have kissed the flower in meadows of green
And given voice to the song bird in the Spring
Your gracious love flows like bright crystal fountains.

Snowflakes each uniquely crafted, fall from above.

Heavy raindrops now float in soft brilliant white
Again upon earth's pages You keenly write,

And the things you've written have been signed in love.

Your breath is upon deep waters undefined.

You breathed life into Your created soul of man,

And gifted him with wisdom to understand.

Your glory is written across every line!

(c) Kay Hinson -12/7/2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joys of Home

Joys of Home
 Home is a safe place of refuge,
Where no fear is ignored or huge.
Sounds of joy are within these walls,
Echoing from heart's chamber halls.
Comfort given in sweet accord,
Cherished, blessed, honored and adored.
Respect for all is understood.
Living in peace is really good.
A welcomed place to come and rest
And, to be renewed and refreshed.
Home is more than where we reside,
It's pure love that grows from inside.
Praise the Lord for all He has done!
Making hearts and home into one.
(c) Kay Hinson